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Steam Desktop Authenticator

A desktop implementation of Steam's mobile authenticator app.
We are not affiliated with Steam or Scrap.TF in any way! This project is run by community volunteers.

WARNING: Recently there have been fake versions of SDA floating around that will steal your Steam account. Never download SDA from any place other than this github repo!

Download here

Supports Windows 7 and up.

Clicking "Download ZIP" will not work! This project uses git submodules so you must use git to download it properly. Using GitHub Desktop is an easy way to do that.

DISCLAIMER: We provide no support for you when using Steam Desktop Authenticator! This project is run by community volunteers and is not affiliated with Steam or Scrap.TF. You use this program at your own risk, and accept the responsibility to make backups and prevent unauthorized access to your computer!

REMEMBER: Always make backups of your maFiles directory! If you lose your encryption key or delete maFiles by accident AND you didn't save your revocation code, you are screwed.

FINALLY: Using this application is a bad idea, because it COMPLETELY DEFEATS THE PURPOSE of two-factor authentication! If your desktop is infected with a virus, it will be able to hijack the authenticator app and completely subvert the protection. THIS APPLICATION DOES NOT PROTECT YOUR ACCOUNT; IT ONLY ALLOWS YOU TO USE STEAM FEATURES THAT REQUIRE THE AUTHENTICATOR WITHOUT HAVING A PHONE. If you have a phone that supports the Mobile Authenticator, you really shouldn't use this application!

IF you lost your maFiles OR lost your encryption key, go here and click "Remove Authenticator" then enter your revocation code that you wrote down when you first added your account to SDA.

If you did not follow the directions and did not write your revocation code down, you're well and truly screwed. The only option is beg to Steam Support and say you lost your mobile authenticator and the revocation code.

Detailed setup instructions

  • Download & Install .NET Framework 4.6.2 if you're using Windows 7. Windows 8 and above should do this automatically for you.
  • Visit the releases page and download the latest .zip (not the source code one).
  • Extract the files somewhere very safe on your computer. If you lose the files you can lose access to your Steam account.
  • Run Steam Desktop Authenticator.exe and click the button to set up a new account.
  • Login to Steam and follow the instructions to set it up. Note: you still need a mobile phone that can receive SMS.
  • You may be asked to set up encryption, this is to make sure if someone gains access to your computer they can't steal your Steam account from this program. This is optional but highly recommended.
  • Select your account from the list to view the current login code, and click Trade Confirmations to see pending trade confirmations.
  • For your safety, remember to get Steam Guard backup codes! Follow this link and click "Get Backup Codes," then print out that page and save it in a safe place. You can use these codes if you lose access to your authenticator.

How to update SDA.

How to use SDA on multiple computers.

Command line options

-k [encryption key]
  Set your encryption key when opened
  Auto-minimize to tray when opened


  • Trade confirmation list is just white or a blank screen
  • First open the "Selected Account" menu, then click "Force session refresh". If it still doesn't work after that, open the "Selected Account" menu again, then click "Login again" and login to your Steam account.

If your problem doesn't appear on the list or none of the solutions worked, submit an issue on the issue tracker. When posting logs in an issue, please upload it to some site like Pastebin.

Building on linux

  • First, you will need to install the mono and monodevelop packages, usually available from your standard package repository.
  • Open monodevelop and select File -> Open. Navigate to the folder where you cloned this program to and open the file "Steam Desktop Authenticator/Steam Desktop Authenticator.sln"
  • If you initialized submodules correctly, you should see two tree hirarchies on the left side of the screen, one labeled SteamDesktopAuthenticator and the other SteamAuth. (If you didn't, an error will be displayed; go update them!) For both of them, select "Packages", right click on "Newtonsoft.Json", and click update. Remember to do this for both SteamDesktopAuthenticator and SteamAuth
  • Select Project->Active Configuration->Release (this will make this application run faster)
  • Select Build->Build All. The package should now build successfully.
  • The resulting executable and files will be in "Steam Desktop Authenticator/bin/Release"